His Blushing Bride

There are many brides in Las Vegas, but only one that’ll make his head spin.

Working at an exclusive cocktail bar, Peach overhears a conversation and finds herself agreeing to an unusual situation. Pretend to be a bride and all her money worries will disappear.

Her fascination with weddings has threatened to get her into trouble on more than one occasion and this time is no exception. Whether it’s the dreamy eyes of the charming stranger, the engagement ring he promises her, or the nature of his quirky proposal, Peach can’t resist him.

She just didn’t realize how much danger her heart would be in once she said yes.

Ethan is the heir to his family’s magnificent vineyard. His suit is so sharp it could cut diamonds, though there’s more to him than his rich exterior.

Only one hurdle stands in his way of taking over the business, and Peach is the key to his success. But the lock she tries to pick is rusty… his closed-off heart in need of repair.

No one can know what they’ve done. But as the days go by, spending more and more time together, the boundaries of their arrangement are tested.

They say you should never mix business with pleasure, but then Ethan never expected to fall for His Blushing Bride.